<a href="http://www.grandcanyonbrewery.com/site/the-real-reason-to-visit-the-grand-canyon/">The Real Reason to Visit the Grand Canyon</a><span>When we set out to brew a beer good enough to be considered alongside one of the great wonders of the world, we didn’t take our jobs lightly.</span> <a href="http://www.grandcanyonbrewery.com/site/840-million-years-in-the-making/">840 Million Years in the Making</a><span>To this day the age of the Grand Canyon is still in question!</span> <a href="http://www.grandcanyonbrewery.com/site/average-visibility-90-miles/">Reward Your Senses</a><span>Reward your senses with a fresh brewed Grand Canyon Brewery handcrafted beer!</span> <a href="http://www.grandcanyonbrewery.com/site/the-flavor-bomb-22oz-bombers/">Sacred Saguaro Lager</a><span>Hitting taps and stores this spring through summer.</span>
Epic Brews

When we set out to brew a beer good enough to be considered along side one of the great wonders of the world, we did not take our jobs lightly.

Premium Ingredients

Our beer is brewed with the most select premium hops, grain, water and spices.

Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff works hard to painstakingly perfect all of our beer recipes, you will notice their hard work reflected in our beer.

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Winter Bourbon Barrel Bomber, The Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s Winter Seasonal

The Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s Winter Bourbon Barrel Bomber Returns, November 10, 2014 Just in time for cozy fireside nights, the GCB delivers the full body flavor with bourbon, maple

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The Flavor Bomb—an Innovative Beer Conditioning Widget is Now Available to Homebrewers

For the past year, the Grand Canyon Brewing Company has quietly been working on an invention that will revolutionize the craft beer industry; they call it the Flavor Bomb—a patent

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No fall lineup would be complete without a harvest bounty and the Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Springs Porter is just that, packed with all of the spices and flavors of fall.

  Named after the Grand Canyon phenomena, Pumpkin Pumpkin Springs is a huge pumpkin shaped pond along the Colorado River, overflowing with merky hot springs water stained orange from trace minerals

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