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Shaggy bock

ABV. 6.8% /  IBU. 25


Inspired by the majestic Juniper trees that span for miles across the rim of the Grand Canyon, Shaggy Bock is packed with dark Vienna malt that has been smoked with shaggy bark from locally sourced Juniper trees.  To counter balance the smokiness, toasted french oak is added at fermentation for a woodsy flavor. Shaggy Bock will have you dreaming of camping.


Style: Bock with Smoked Malt

Malt:   Pilsner, Shaggy Bark Smoked Vienna

Hops: Saphir and Perle

Yeast:  Lager

Availability: February - April

Featured in 1/2 Keg & 1/6

Sacred Saguaro

ABV. 6.2% /  IBU. 27


Just in time for outdoor adventures and backyard cookouts, reach for Grand Canyon brewing's summer seasonal Sacred Saguaro Lager.  A Viennese style lager, Sacred Saguaro is a smooth and refreshing medium bodied beer with hints of nutty caramel flavor.

Style: Lager (Vienna)

Malt:   Vienna, Munich

Hops: Saphir

Yeast: Lager

Availability: May - July

Featured in 1/2 Keg & 1/6

Pumpkin Springs Porter

ABV. 8% /  IBU. 28


Brewed with the essence of pumpkin pie, this fan favorite Porter captures al of the delicious and spicy flavors of fall, Pumkin Springs Porter is a harvest indpired ale brewed with pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, fresh ginger, and a secret blend of fall spices, medium bodied with a warming finish drinks smooth with an explosion of complex flavors.


Style: Spiced Porter

Malt:   Marris Otter, Oats, Munich, Two Types of Chocolate Malt, Double Roasted Crystal Malt

Hops: Fuggle and CTZ

Yeast:  Ale

Availability: August - October

Featured in 1/2 Keg & 1/6

Winter Bourbon Barrel Bomber

ABV. 6% /  IBU. 20


A seasonal English Style brown ale brewed with maple syrup and aged on bourbon oak. Toasted, biscuity malts wash back with smooth bourbon oak notes. A dash of maple syrup in the back accentuates the bourbon sweetness with a pleasant, drawn out finish. A muted layer of earthy hops adds depth to the finish.

The Flavor Bomb  (Watch Video Below)

This revolutionary product changes everything you know about beer! The flavor bomb is packed with bourbon barrel oak sticks, then placed in the bomber to condition with the beer.

Style: English Brown

Malt:  Marris Otter, Brown, Pale, Chocolate and Crystal, with maple syrup added at fermentation

Yeast:  Ale

Availability: November - January

Featured in 1/2 Keg & 1/6