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An Irish style red ale brewed to commemorate the

life of Austin Peck, a Phoenix area firefighter who

gave his life to protect his community. This beer was inspired by the long standing history of Irish culture and American firefighters.

A true to style red ale with toasty warming malt character and mild hop presence. Its the perfect beer to drink while telling stories and sharing good times. 
A portion of proceeds to benefit the AZ Emerald's Society of Firefighters. Available year round on tap or seasonally in cans beginning in March.

Style: Irish Style Red Ale

Malts:  2 Row, Crystal 60, Crystal 75, Vienna

Hops:  Cascade

Yeast:  Ale

Availability: Year-Round on tap, seasonally in cans

Featured: 1/2 Keg & 1/6 Keg, 4 Pack 16oz


Irish Style Red Ale

ABV. 5.6% / IBU. 17

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