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ABV. 7% / IBU. 50

Hop Canyon IPA is an homage to a hidden oasis inside Grand Canyon National Park known as Elves Chasm, this hidden gem is highlighted by its bright emerald water. A modern West Coast IPA featuring a fruit forward hop character, and a soft, subdued malt backbone, to ensure the hop flavors and aromas are the star. Aggressive late additions of Azacca, Ekuanot and Sabro hops, create a bold, tropical, and citrus aroma and flavor that is our little tropical escape in a 16oz can.

Malts: American 2 Row, White Wheat, Munich
Hops: Amarillo, Sabro, Ekuanot. Azacca
Yeast: Ale
Availability: Year-Round
Featured: Featured: 1/2 Keg & 1/6 Keg, 4 pk 16oz Cans

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